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Ed Tech Crew 178 - WEE Willy Linkie

Podcast number 178 - October 12th, 2011.

[Running time: 59:28 mins, size: 53.8 MB] [audio mp3=""] Download it here!

In the News

Android app development - TeachMeet Mathstrain.TV aka Eric Marcos The news segment is available via the web: Scratch Curriculum The Scratch Ed team have just put out a draft curriculum guide for using Scratch for creative and design based computing. Steve Jobs News Google / Samsung Announcement Delayed Steve Jobs - Claims on Jobs numbers go unquestioned in  Alternate Realtive Gaming for Kids all about Jess Mcc WEE Project SLAV - FUSE -

Feedback from listeners:

Office and File Converters - by Ian Guest StoryTelling Alice - Russell Ogden Blog for your Life The jury is still out on school iPad deployments - BBC - Dimensions - Heather Bailie Down for everyone or Just Me - Kathleen Morris (McGeady) Noun Project Project Zero - Andrew Williamson Decision Theater - Camilla Elliot (Hanibal Lecture makes a cameo in one of the videos) Teachers Teaching Teachers, on Twitter: Q. and A. on ‘Edchats’ - Shelly Terrell How To Make An eBook Everything You Need to Know About How to Digitally Self Publish - Darrel Branson Comparison Search - Shane Roberts Desmos - Forged from the math engine of the Desmos Whiteboard, we've built the best browser-based calculator on the web. It's powerful, beautiful, intuitive, and free!

Browser PlugIn’s

Apature - TabCloud


Good night iPad - Roland Gesthuizen,,9780399158568,00.html Placebo Effect-


Land of Me - Tony Investorville Spent

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